Proposed Privacy Policy for the ARIJ website
1. Introduction
“Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ)” adopts the privacy policy contained in this document, out of belief in the right of individuals to privacy and the protection of their personal data.
1.1. The Applicability of the Privacy Policy
This policy applies to the ARIJ website and/or any of its subdomains. These include:
       ●            ARIJ website in Arabic:
       ●            ARIJ website in English:
       ●            ARIJ Forum website:
       ●            ARIJ Awards website:
       ●            ARIJACADEMY
1.2. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
A user’s use of ARIJ’s main website, and/or any of its subdomains (as outlined in clause 1.1), indicates their acceptance to all the terms and conditions outlined in this policy.
2. Definitions
       ●            Website: refers to the ARIJ website and/or any of its subdomains as outlined in clause 1.1.
       ●            Users: Individuals who visit the website and/or provide personal information while browsing the website.
       ●            User data: All data that is collected automatically from users and/or data entered by the users while browsing or using the website.
       ●            Third-parties: Any governmental or non-governmental entities with which user data is shared, whether that data is anonymized or identifiable.
       ●            Voluntary Information: Information or data provided by the user while using/browsing the website, including: email, name, gender, country of residence and job title.
       ●            Cookies: A cookie is a text file containing data generated by a website and saved by the user’s browser (on any electronic device, including: computers, tablets and mobile devices). Its purpose is to store information about the user, either temporarily or permanently. Temporary cookies or “session cookies” are deleted when the browser is closed. On the other hand, fixed cookies store data on the user’s device for an extended period of time, even after the user has left the website, and are typically deleted manually by users.
       ●            Embedded Content: ARIJ website pages may include embedded content, such as videos, images, audio files, and other media sources. Embedded content imported from other sources/websites and incorporated into the ARIJ website will behave in exactly the same way as if the user had visited the other website.
       ●            Tags and Pixels: A tag (also known as a pixel) is a type of technology or code incorporated into a website or email to track browser activity of various websites on the Internet. They are often collecting some information about the visitor to a website and their behavior on the site, typically with the help of cookies.
3. Information collected by the Website
While browsing the site and/or using one of its services, the following data/information is collected:
3.1. Voluntary Information
       ●            ARIJ collects private information and data from users while they use the websites, and/or register in one of ARIJ activities, and/or subscribe to the monthly newsletter, and/or register in the ARIJ Forum.
       ●            The data requested by the site may include name, email, phone number, gender, nationality, place of residence, workplace, educational and professional background, job title, links to social networks accounts, and in some cases, the site may request a copy of the user’s passport and/or other forms of personal identification and verification, or electronic payment information.
       ●            The site also collects data when users comment on the site, and/or during the search process within the site, and/or through questions and information provided by users to the site’s technical support.
       ●            Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) confirms that all data, information, and/or files submitted by users through the site will be saved, stored and processed in accordance with this policy. This includes the use of optimal technologies to protect the privacy and security of user information.
3.2. Data collected through Cookies
       ●            The site uses cookies both developed by itself and by third parties. In general, cookies may contain information about users or visitors, such as but not limited to: geographic location, identifier number (IP), type of device used, the way the user connects to the Internet, and the type of browser, as well as the operating system used by the user. The websites and applications also use services from third parties that utilize cookies to collect user data, which is subject to third-party privacy policies.
       ●            The site collects usage information and browsing history, such as information about how users navigate the site, browsing history, and the website services frequented by the user.
       ●            Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) confirms that all data collected on users through website cookies or third-party cookies are saved, stored and processed in accordance with this policy, and based on best practices, to protect users' privacy.
4. The purposes of collecting and analyzing user data
ARIJ confirms that the data collected by the website will not be used for any purpose other than those stipulated in the privacy policy.
The purposes of collecting and analyzing the data that the site requests to be provided voluntarily by users or collected through site cookies and third-party cookies differ. In this context, the purposes of data collection and analysis include the following:
       ●            Providing the user with the best browsing experience;
       ●            Website performance improvement;
       ●            Insuring access to the monthly newsletter;
       ●            Facilitating the completion of an investigation supported, edited and published by ARIJ;
       ●            Completing registration procedures for the ARIJ Forum and/or the website;
       ●            Processing financial transactions;
       ●            Addressing technical problems;
       ●            Making improvements to the services provided by the site, the servers used to host the site, and/or any other related technologies.
5. Sharing data with third parties
5.1. Disclosure of data to third parties
None of the information and/or data collected from users will be sold, exchanged, nor communicated to other companies for any reason other than those outlined in the privacy policy. Further, ARIJ guarantees the following:
       ●            Prior approval: The site shall not share any data and information related to visitors and users without prior approval, except for legal obligations.
       ●            Respect for user privacy: The site is committed to preventing the sharing of information and/or data collected from users with any third party that is expected to misuse it.
       ●            Legal obligations: The site is obligated not to disclose any user data and/or information to law enforcement agencies, unless there is a prior judicial order.
       ●            Technical issues: ARIJ may share anonymized user data with third parties in order to manage user subscriptions, improve the performance of the website, address technical problems, make improvements to ARIJ’s servers and website hosting arrangements. This will be conducted in accordance with the terms outlined in the privacy policy.
       ●            Digital security measures: Anonymized user data may be shared with third parties with the aim of adopting the necessary security measures to ensure that visitor and user information is protected, or to ensure the security of online payment systems used for processing financial payments through payment service providers.
5.2. Google Analytics
The site uses Google Analytics, and some options that may violate the privacy of users have been disabled. The options outlined below have been disabled by ARIJ:
       ●            The integration of Google Analytics with CRM tools for marketing and advertising purposes.
       ●            User ID services provided by Google Analytics.
       ●            Data sharing settings linking Google Analytics with other Google services for Google products and services, benchmarking, technical support and/or account specialist purposes.
       ●            The data processing amendment in Google Analytics.
       ●            The data collection for advertising purposes through Google Analytics.
Additionally, to further ensure the protection of the website’s users, ARIJ pledges to:
       ●            Enable users to delete their data which has been collected by Google Analytics through the “User Deletion API” feature provided by Google.
       ●            Rely on IP Anonymization (or IP masking) in Analytics to collect and analyze data collected by Google Analytics.
       ●            Ensure that the geolocation information sent to Google Analytics is not GPS specific or highly detailed.
       ●            Replace personally identifiable information (such as email or username) in URL schemes, including addresses sent from the site to users via email with the unique site-specific identifiers.
       ●            Use POST instead of GET to send forms over HTTP to avoid sending form information as part of addresses (URLs).
       ●            Respect the “Do Not Track” feature in all services that are used to analyze and track usage patterns, especially in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, and provide an “opt-out” option for users.
5.3. Tags & Pixels
The site uses tags on Facebook and Twitter to give users the ability to share content on their social network accounts. For more information see Facebook and Twitter.
6. Securing data and information
       ●            The data and information collected or stored by the site is subject to guarantees of safe handling and storage. Access to this data and information is restricted to a minimum of individuals working on the site or third parties that are subject to confidentiality obligations.
       ●            The site takes all available measures to ensure the safe collection, storage and processing of data and information in accordance with this policy. Although the transmission of information via the Internet is not completely secure, the site makes every effort to protect personal data, and use strict procedures to prevent unauthorized access.
       ●            Encryption protocols are used, where possible, in either the transmission or storage of data and information.
       ●            The site cannot guarantee the security of the data when it is sent by the user. In this case, it is the user/visitor's responsibility to protect it, and in doing so, we highly recommend relying on privacy protection software such as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and/or the Tor browser.
7. User control over their own data
7.1. Canceling subscriptions
The user has the right (at any time) to cancel their subscription, and the site is obligated to cancel the subscription.
7.2. Data erasure
Users registered on the site have the right to request the erasure of their data and personal information at any time. Further, the site is committed to keeping the user informed regarding the necessary procedures for doing so and the duration for which their information is held.
7.3. Forfeiting the right to store user data and information
ARIJ forfeits the right to retain user data in the following cases (without exceeding the legally binding deadlines for service providers to retain data):
       ●            The user’s request to cancel their subscription;
       ●            The user's request to delete their data and information;
       ●            The user cancels the service and/or services for which the data was collected;
       ●            The purpose for which the data was collected has expired; and
       ●            The user does not agree with the amendments, changes or updates of the privacy policy. In this case, the site does not use any of the data and/or information collected before the changes in the privacy policy have been applied.
8. Disclosing data leakages and security problems
The site is obligated to inform users regarding any leakage of data that it collects and stores, as well as any of the security risks that may affect the privacy of users. Users are to be informed immediately after ARIJ becomes aware of these incidents. Additionally,  the site is obligated to communicate to the users the extent of the damage which they may incur due to the detected data leaks and security issues.
9. Notification of Policy Updates and Amendments
9.1. Disclosure
The site is obligated to inform all users by email and/or through the site’s home page of any changes or modifications to the privacy policy.
9.2. Availability of previous versions of the Privacy Policy
The site is committed to making previous policies and amendments available to users on an ongoing basis.
10. Recommendations on protecting the privacy of visitors and users
ARIJ is concerned with protecting the privacy of its users. As such, we recommend the use of software that protects their privacy while using the Internet, for example:
       ●            HTTPS Everywhere: An add-on that can be used on Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers. It encrypts the communication (HTTPS) between the site and the user.
       ●            Privacy Badger: An add-on that can be used on Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, that prevents third parties from tracking your browsing habits on the Internet.
       ●            No Script: An add-on for Firefox and Chrome, that allows the user to switch on/off Java and Flash on other websites.
       ●            Click & Clean: an extension for Google Chrome that removes links, "cache", "cookies", and browsing history.
       ●            Tor Browser: a browser that provides privacy and anonymity to users.
11. Report a privacy violation

If users or visitors have any suggestions or reservations about the privacy policy or related practices, please contact us via email at .